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5 day online marketing overhaul

5 Day Online Marketing Overhaul

Make your marketing more efficient and more effective in just 5 days!

:: e-course ::

Day One: Master Your Message – Tricks to knowing exactly the right message to attract more of the right customers.

Day Two: Perfect Your Pitch – How to get your message across more effectively.

Day Three: Increase Online Visibility – Knowing where and when your customers are hiding online (yep, I am going to uncover and reveal your untapped growth opportunities).

Day Four: Improve Customer Experience – How to create and control your customer experience online for attraction + conversion

Day Five: Optimise For More Conversions – Easy ways you can increase opportunities for conversions (yep, this is the money maker)

Workshop Sessions


:: Group Program ::

A 6 week program for driven small business owners who want to get serious about driving reach, engagement and conversion!

Week One: Social Media Marketing Masterclass

Week Two: Email Marketing Masterclass

Week Three: 90min Mastermind Session

Week Four: Website Optimisation & Analytics Masterclass

Week Five: Strategic Content Marketing Masterclass

Week Six: 90min Mastermind Session

SEO Basics You Need To Know – without the technical overwhelm!

:: 1-on-1 Training ::

A personalised training session that will guide you through the basics of Search Engine Optimisation so that you can improve your business’ visibility online and attract more organic traffic & customers.

Understand, Interpret & Use Google Analytics + Insights

:: 1-on-1 Training ::

Knowing your numbers and gathering insights from your analytics data allows you to take targeted strategic action and see better results from your marketing and helps your business grow.

I teach you how to understand your online stats, analyse and interpret them to form action plans to further improve, optimise and grow your business.

Learn How To Get Better Results From Facebook – Without Advertising!

:: 1-on-1 Training ::

A short 1-on-1 program that will help you and your business start seeing better results from your time and effort spent on Facebook, without advertising!

Optimise Your Online Presence

:: 1-on-1 Training or DIY ::