Monthly Strategy Sessions

Monthly Strategy Sessions

by Robyn Kyberd

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Monthly Marketing Sessions give you 1:1 tech help and strategic marketing guidance.

We work together on analysing your monthly marketing performance, customer insights, optimisation and growth strategies.

From social media engagement to Facebook ads, Google Analytics to SEO, content marketing strategy to customer experience optimisation, finding and connecting with customers through to biggest returns for your marketing budget… and everything in between.

Monthly Marketing Sessions provide 1:1 strategic support to help you:

  • STOP the frustration
  • STOP wasting time
  • Find direction
  • Start making smart marketing choices
  • See great results for your business

Package includes a 60 minute strategy session each month for 6 months.

“The most rewarding outcomes have been fresh ideas, sharing of knowledge, willingness to work together, and achieving goals.”  JESI

“I found the process of working with Robyn to be Awesome. No BS. Prompt. Friendly and professional. I would recommend her because she is so on to it.” Primal Alternative