1-on-1 Program

Facebook Strategies For Business

1-on-1 Program

Facebook Strategies For Business

by Robyn Kyberd

Learn Effective Strategies To Get Exposure and Engagement For Business

Are you tired of wasting hours and hours posting on Facebook only to have your posts unseen with little to no engagement?

Do you want your followers to be regularly engaged with your page?

Get a better ROI for your time spent posting on Facebook!

In this 1-on-1 course:

  • using the Facebook algorithm to your advantage
  • how you can connect with your audience
  • helping your business be found on Facebook
  • getting more engagement on Facebook without paid promotions
  • putting your business in front of potential clients without advertising
  • a spam-free Facebook strategy
  • developing a Facebook strategy that is perfectly tailored to YOUR business

PLUS popular swipe files included free with this course.
+ Social Engagement + Success Tracking Spreadsheet
+ Strategy Planning Workbook

Stop wasting time posting to crickets on Facebook.
Start making Facebook work for your business.

Sound like what your business needs?

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Course Outline

90 minute online training session covering

1 // Where to start + What you’ll need

  • Welcome and discuss your business, offerings and why you want to use Facebook for business

2 // Where you are at now VS Where you want to be

  • How to review where you are at now
  • How to plan where you want to be
  • How to bridge the gap

3 // Purpose + Goals + Metrics

  • Understanding and applying relevant goals for your business
  • Posting with purpose
  • Metrics to measure your success

4 // Strategies for Success

  • What to post for your business and your audience
  • What words, phrases, days and post types reduce your post exposure
  • Your competition
  • Timing is everything
  • My ultimate Facebook hack
  • How to use Facebook during a launch or promotion

5 // Monitoring + Reporting + Testing + Optimisation

  • How to monitor your true Facebook engagement and track your progress
  • Learn what to continually review and how to optimise for ongoing success and growth

6 // Putting It All Together

  • Goal setting and expectations
  • Optimisation for ongoing success and growth
  • Integration with other channels and online media

After this 1-on-1 course you will walk away with:

  • a clear Facebook strategy
  • knowledge of how to ensure your posts are actually seen by your audience
  • a useful tracking sheet to show you how well you are doing
  • a clear outline of your competition, your audience and the process for social sharing for your business (handy for if you are outsourcing this task)

This process is tried and tested and it enables businesses of ANY industry to truly connect with their audience and be seen online.

More engagement, more exposure, more leads and more sales…

ALL without spending a dollar on advertising!

ALL without spending all of your day on social media!

ALL without spammy sales messages!

Make Facebook work for your business